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Trash Can Enclosures

 The trash enclosure passed unanimously by board vote at the June 2022 meeting. At this meeting they voted to allow homeowners to choose their style of containers with the following criteria to be met for those containers:  Must be tan, white, or black (homeowners had requested they match their shutters, door, etc.), must have roof over both cans and latched doors so as not to blow open on windy days, must fit trash and recycle container both. There will be a form on the website that is being sent to PMI to fill out for requests for your unit to be considered for an enclosure. Some examples of these are: if homeowner is ADA certified, no access from rear of property, creek behind house with no back yard, etc. Please attach pictures of what you are asking for before you buy it!! Committee members will visit property to see if it or homeowner falls within guidelines for an enclosure and will try to get a reply to you as soon as possible. Please fill out forms, do not just assume you can have one. Also, this is not just because you don’t feel like taking your cans out back!