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We are proudly offering our VVGWRA website as a tool for residents of our community to promote their products and services. We are offering this solely to the residents of Village of Valley Green West Recreation Association. If you live in the community, and you are a licensed and bonded contractor, business consultant or service provider, we welcome you to advertise your services here, so that other residents of our community have the opportunity to take advantage of your services.

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Special Note: The VVGWRA board does not and will not endorse the actual services provided by the service providers/homeowners that offer a listing on this website. The board is simply providing a tool by which association members can promote their services.

Home Sale Party Consultants

Amanda Marsh, Origami Owl Jewelry Designer
9 N Conley Lane
Etters, PA 17319

Hollie White, Pampered Chef Consultant
27 Privet Drive
Etters, PA 17319

State Certified Caregivers

None listed – check back often

Service Providers

M & J Lawn Services (and more)
Providing mowing/trimming, raking and shoveling
Call Joey @ 717-614-9495 for more info