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Buying Your Home In VVG

If you’re buying your home in the Village of Valley Green, then welcome to our community. Our Local Resources page features a number of useful contacts that will ease your transition into the neighborhood.

As a new owner in VVG, you will be bound by our governing documents (Bylaws and Covenants) and must adhere to the maintenance standards of our community. Make sure you are provided with a copy of our governing documents at the time of your settlement. You can also view them online.

Make sure your settlement company obtains a resale certificate prior to settlement. Amongst other things, the resale certificate will list any money owed to VVG by the previous owner. Without this certificate, you will inherit their debt.

Selling Your Home In VVG

If you’re selling your home in VVG, Pennsylvania law requires a resale certificate to be prepared and made available at the time of settlement.

Resale Certificates are ordered by either the seller’s real estate agent or the seller. It is “rule of thumb” that the seller (seller’s realtor) is responsible for obtaining the resale certificate.

The cost for the Resale, as well as, the Initiation fee is usually paid at settlement. The only time this is not done is if the seller is selling his own home, and obtains the Resale to provide proof to the buyer that all assessments are paid. Costs are as follows: