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Trash Can Enclosure Request Form

Residents who desire an exception to the trash can rule #2 about keeping cans out of sight behind the house may file this request to the Board through PMI with this form. Data such as specific location of the enclosure, color, and type along with pictures (before buying it!) must be attached. Request must be filed 45 days from date of a violation latter and fines will be suspended until the final request for accommodation is granted/denied.
Board Committee will contact homeowner, visit property, and conduct information gathering for the request. This information will be passed along to the board and PMI with relevant information for a decision.
Some hardships include:

  1. terrain issues such as rocks, creek beds etc. which may affect homeowners’ ability to retrieve or place cans in back.
  2. Access conditions imposed by neighboring properties such as when there is a closed fence or vegetation.
  3. Must have availability for placement of can enclosure
  4. American with Disabilities Act-homeowner
  5. Several factors together that make bringing cans through house a hardship.

If request is granted, the decision will be sent to homeowner with report as to placement of enclosure. They may then go ahead and purchase the enclosure as shown on application.
Decision of HOA board is final decision after any appeals.
Failure of homeowners to follow basic procedure and request can result in ongoing fines.
Fines issued prior to the timely submission of the request will remain the homeowners’ responsibility.
The agreed upon alternative for the enclosure will be kept confidential for other homeowners, and kept and recorded. This accommodation will expire with sale of house and new owners will have to make request again if it is applicable.


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