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2019 Pool Information & Rules

The pool is scheduled to open on Memorial Day weekend May 25th-27th 11:30-7:30. To view the pool season schedule and other upcoming events, please visit our calendar.


Pool Rules

The pool is for the exclusive use by Village of Valley Green residents. All questions and problems with the pool should be directed to Carey Twigg at PMI or the Pool manager. Only safety concerns should be reported to the Lifeguards.

Check in with the lifeguard immediately.
Lifeguards have full authority within the pool area.
Lifeguards may deny any person, with good cause, entrance to the pool area.
Lifeguards have the authority to “bench” and/or suspend (eject) violators. Violations of the pool rules can result in suspension of pool privileges.
Accidents must be reported to the Lifeguard immediately.
No diving in the pool area.
No running or rough play is permitted in the pool area.
No obscene language and/or behavior in the pool area.
No alcoholic beverages are permitted within the pool area. Do NOT use the pool if you are under the influence of alcohol.
No smoking or vaping in the pool area. Smoking can by trashcan outside gate.
No glass objects permitted within the pool area.
No bikes or scooters permitted in pool area. Please park them away from gate and clubhouse door.

Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult or legal guardian.

Children must pass swim test with a lifeguard to be in the water without parent/guardian.
Children 5 and under are not permitted in the kiddie pool without supervision.

Failure to adhere to Pool Rules will result in suspension of pool access by the lifeguards. PMI will also notify pool management about late payments resulting in suspension of pool access.

Pool GUEST Rules

You may bring up to 2 guests per household for free. Additional guests will cost $5 each.
All guests must be accompanied by a resident of Valley Green Village West at all times; they must arrive with a resident and must leave when that resident departs.
All guests must sign in and provide an emergency contact phone number.
Any resident who is 14 or 15 is only permitted 1 guest. They may not bring a guest who is younger than 14 without a parent.
Residents are responsible for guests’ actions according to the rules above.
Direct any questions about guest rules to Carey Twigg at PMI or the Pool manager (not the Lifeguards).

New Pool Access Procedure
Step 1: Please submit your Pool Form now or by May 12th CLICK HERE or click the Resource tab on top, then go to Forms. If you submit later, your pool access may be delayed. You must be current with association dues and in good standing to use the swimming pool. Make sure to read over the pool rules above.

Step 2: Management will require all residents to provide ID upon first visit to the pool.  Minors need to show school ID or have parent present. Afterwards, just check in with the guard for the rest of the season. Guards will verify you are on the approved, updated list when you check in each visit. Guests will still need to sign in with a resident and provide info.
Opening day is May 25th.

Anyone that has not applied with PMI first and/or have missed payment will not be granted pool access.