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Clubhouse Reservation Agreement Form

Reservation Fee & Deposit

A $60 rental fee will be charged for the use of the clubhouse.
(Please check the calendar online under the “News” tab to see if your date is available. For different requests submitted for back to back dates, it will depend if the first submitted event is willing to accommodate the 2nd request, allowing both enough time to setup and cleanup.)

Once you submit a request, it will be temporarily reserved as pending. The fee is expected at the signing of the contract to ensure the reservation of the date. You will be notified to submit your deposit immediately if someone else requests the same date. Failure to do so will cancel your temporary reservation allowing the other resident to submit a deposit. The fee is non refundable if your event cancels within 30 days of your event. Any cancellations over 30 days will receive the fee back. (Use of clubhouse multiple times may result in a discount. Please contact PMI or the board if interested.)

You must write out two separate checks for the reservation: one check for the clubhouse itself ($60) and one check for the security/clean-up deposit ($150), both made out to ‘Valley Green Village West Recreation Association or VVG‘. The full security deposit is expected when you are given the keys to the clubhouse and will be returned at the time of the key exchange, given the clubhouse has been cleaned and all clean-up requirements have been met, within three (3) days after usage. If the clubhouse is not in satisfactory condition, a portion or all of your security will be kept to pay the cleaning company. If the cleaning bill exceeds the $150 deposit, you will be billed the difference via PMI. Keys MUST be returned to the VVG representative or another board member within (3) days of the event or the $150 security will NOT be returned.

Rules & Regulations

  1. No smoking allowed in clubhouse, on the deck or pool area (smoking is allowed outside away from the building)
  2. No Alcohol is permitted in the clubhouse, on the deck or in the pool area.
  3. Use of only non marking masking tape on clubhouse walls/ceiling. All decorations MUST be taken down, including all tape.
  4. No pets allowed.
  5. Event must end by midnight.
  6. Maximum persons allowed in clubhouse is 60.
  7. No drugs allowed anywhere on premises.
  8. The clubhouse must be secured and locked when leaving at the completion of the function along with the following:
    1. Set the thermostat to 75 degrees in the summer months and to 60 degrees in the fall/winter months.
    2. Turn off all lights and close and lock all windows and doors
    3. Upon completion of event, the clubhouse MUST be left in good, clean condition. The carpet must be vacuumed and the kitchen and bathroom floors must be mopped. Vacuum must be emptied. All cleaning supplies are provided by the clubhouse.
    4. All trash MUST be removed from the kitchen and bathroom and placed outside of the clubhouse by the pool gate (Limited to one large green tote). It will be taken to the curb on trash pick up day. More trash will incur a $5/bag fee. Please replace all liners in trash cans. Please place recycling items in blue tote outside (Unlimited).
    5. The bathroom MUST be wiped down and cleaned.
    6. All counters and stove/oven MUST be wiped down in the kitchen as well as all food items must be removed from the refrigerator and freezer.

All homeowners must be up to date with their Homeowner Association Dues or any Special Assessments. If dues are not up to date, clubhouse rental will not be available to that homeowner. Requests must be made at least 2 weeks prior to date to guarantee availability.

Please report any issues noticed before or during event.

It is understood that resident agrees to all of the above agreements and by submitting this form they are intending to legally bind themselves responsible for the rental of this Clubhouse.

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I have read, understood and agree to comply with the Rules & Regulations for Clubhouse Rental.

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