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Recreation Card Application

Rec Card does not grant access to the pool. Please see Pool Application page.

    All residents are required to have a Rec Card to use Common Areas: pavilion, playgrounds, open areas,
    and courts. Residence must be in good standing with the association to obtain a card. 1 card will be
    issued per household. Please call PMI with any questions: 717-730-4141 ext 134

    Presence in common areas without card may result in police or management asking you to leave.
    Residents are responsible for guests' actions and must escort them in common areas.
    Minors are limited to 2 guests at a time. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
    Management may limit guests for anyone if deemed necessary (unless reservation has been made).
    Playgrounds and courts close at 8:00pm (Memorial Day through Labor Day at 9:00 pm).
    Courts close for inclement weather.
    No smoking or vaping within 40 feet of playgrounds and courts.
    No pets are permitted inside courts. Pets must be leased throughout the community at all times.
    No profanity.
    No loud music.
    No littering.
    Basketball has priority over other activities. Do not hang on rims.
    Skateboarding is only permitted in basketball court and when no game is underway.
    Tennis is the only activity permitted in the tennis court.
    Lost card incurs a $5 replacement fee for the 1st card, $20 for each additional replacement.
    Violation of any rules listed here or posted will result in loss of privileges for 30 days up to a year.
    Trespassers and vandals will be prosecuted.

    Passes expire annually March 1. Please submit by February 1 to receive your new card by March 1.

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    Rental properties:

    Landlords, to request recreation cards for your tenants, please complete, have your tenant sign, and mail, fax,
    or scan and email the PDF form to PMI, which can be downloaded and printed HERE: